Friday, May 23, 2008

You Have Everything

Don t cry for me ..SABS

Owh....What a wonderful Sunrise.....a magnificent farewell gift
for Chan for he was leaving SABS on 22 May 2008.22 May 08 was Chan 's last day in SABS.
His school for the past 5 years.

Lower 6 Science 4....Chan 's class from 20May till 22 May 2008.

Chan 's class teacher was Puan Phang...hmmm a charming chemistry teacher......
Chan loves her as her teaching was interesting and funny as well..hahahaha..ops sorry....
Chan recalled that she told the class about a story regarding Avogadro.
well,the main purpose of the story was to help the student to understand the mole concept.
But the story turned out to be a fake one,created by Pn .Phang just to educate the students.

"Well,you all see it now, you all have already understood the concept.Though it is a fake story,but

Indeed Chan agreed with her.

"Being a teacher is not easy,one needs
to tell the truth and the untruth."


Yup yup yup thats right.She gave the class a lively lesson.
Chan was in stitches till the bell rang.

Chan was in the lab having Bio lesson.O Chan love Biology too as it was taught by Datin Kala ,
an Indian lady who speaks nice English and has great passion in the subject.^ ^
They were identifying the parts of a flower.Chan had chosen a spider lily.
O poor Chan ,he does miss her.The Bio lesson was really great.
He felt so lucky to become her student,though it was only 3 days....haiz

So in conclusion,Pn Phang and Datin Kala rocks.

This was Chan Classroom...
Haiz..the students just sat with their own gangs.
How could it be possible to develop integration among races
and students from different school in this way?..........=(

Amos and Chan.Both entered the class on the same day and left the class on the same day.
Amos was leaving to study at Taylors College.
May God bless him and all the best to him.
It was indeed wonderful for Chan really enjoyed the time in school with him and other friends.Love you.

Chan ,Amos,Meng Hong and Cho.
Hehe Chan like this photo.
Hmm it seemed that Meng Hong was suffering from asthma ,eh?haha just kidding.
Miss you guys.All the best to you all no matter where will you all be in the future.
Take care.

The Historical block of SABS
bye my dear .Chan felt indignant for he havent visited the gallery yet.Arghh......
Bye my beloved teachers.

The gate where Chan had passed through for the past 5 years.
And he shall pass through it for the last time.........
Its really goodbye then.
So long ,farewell!

Dear SABS,
I love you,most utterly. For you have bewitched my body and soul.and you have bond me and my teachers and friends together.The memory we shared together shall live with me till the end.Bye my dear,we shall meet again very soon.And do remember,I will always love you though you never loved me before.
Cordially from


By Sarah Brightman.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

FREE from the sunken city of Khmer.

8 May2008 was a historical moment for Chun Keat(CK),a friend of Chan.
For he had survived after 2 months of living in the sunken city of Khmer and that was the day he was freed.Phew......
erm....sorry what i meant is Lake Chini,the second largest fresh water lake in Malaysia.
And CK was actually under the National Service training at the so -called "lake resort"

*well the orang asli there believes that there was this sunken city of Khmer under the lake.
Since it was a sunken city ,you can imagine how destitute they are.
Follow me and i will bring you to the sunken city where the trainees lives.........=D

Thanks to CK mum for offering Chan such an opportunity to accompany her to fetch CK
So ,early in the morning Chan and CK's mum departed from Kuantan and headed straight towards Chini.For Chan was excited as he never been to Chini before,furthermore it is to a National Service camp.

As they approached the camp ,the thicker the mist......'~'
.....leading the way was a military truck.

Chan and CK's mum kept on chatting through out the journey,as both are soooo friendly ^^.
Poh peh poh peh...non-stop ^^

When they arrived,the gate of the camp had already been occupied by lots and lots of parents,desperate to free their offsprings........yet they had to wait till nine,only then the gate will be opened and unleashed the evil upon it.........

See ,4 tents ,A B C D were constructed for the desperate parents and
desperate trainees
to deal with their leaving procedures.

The desperate parents...''eh nama anak saya...bla bla bla
....tolong check..."

CK 's company-B for Bravo.

Hooray!!!!The desperate trainees were returning their
Baju and Seluar Celoreng,
Belt 70,and Boots.

Well,Ck's mum told Chan ,they must not stop through out the journey until they had arrived at their destination.For this was an order from CK so that they could arrive asap.Because of that CK's mum and Chan had to endure the urge to go toilet through out the journey....pity them...... (haha)

So Chan went straight to the toilet ,escorted by CK......
YUCKS!! their jamban really seemed like specially-constructed for the aborigines.....
unfortunately Chan failed to take a photo of it.

So after toilet,the two naughty little boys went nearer into the place where CK lived.
Erm,the place just reminded Chan of an Indian settlement,for their dormitories were sooo dark though in the morning.............( Chan isn't a racist,k)

The Surau

The blue and white in colour buildings are their toilets.

So Chan took the opportunity to snap a few photos.BUT,suddenly...

"HEY ,kamu ni buat ape?Siapa kata boleh tangkap gambar?ha?
nanti ambil gambar tu siar kat mana-mana.....kata kem ni buruk!!!"
"Nanti rampas kamera korang tu!!"

(Eh, APEK,kalau kem kamu ni tak buruk takut apa kitorang tangkap gambar!!!!!???ha?!!!)
Of course ,Chan didnt say such thing,or else he would have become a replacement to CK........

See ,CK was shocked when that old fool crackpot shouted at us.
(it is also the photo taken by Chan before being stopped by the Jurulatih)

After the conflict of Chan with the Apek Jurulatih,Chan headed back to the tents.Where again ,he witnessed the flocks of desperate parents.

The Desperate Parents

The Desperate Trainees

After that,Hooray!!!!!!Freedom for Chun Keat!!!
Sayonara,Adios,Selamat tinggal,Bye bye,再见 to Chini Lake Resort.

Well,on the way back,they saw a nice spot,it seems to them that it is a place for forest researchers to do their researh.

It was indeed a wonderful and horizon-widening trip for Chan.It reminded him of his NS life but
it was far more better than this camp.For Chan's camp is the fourth most beautiful camp in Malaysia....^^And he is very proud of it.Thanks to Chun Keat and his mum.Gracias.

The journey was fun.You could enjoy the scene where the desperate parents saved their desperate children.^^You can also feel the intense love among them. T.T sooo touching.And thats THE POWER OF LOVE.

By Celine Dion.


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Unsung Melodies

Well for classical and operatic genre music lover,One should never ever miss such an once in a life time opportunity to grab back home two magnificent, marvellous, fantastic, wonderful, melodious,economical music CDs.Let me introduce:

Buy 2 CDs with only price of one, RM38.25(if you are a Popular Bookstore member.haha =D
Better be fast while stock last!!For Jyo Lyn and Chan had already bought theirs.=P
Both CDs featured all international singers and musicians,for instance,Maria Callas,Sarah Brightman ,Kiri Te Kanawa,Luciano Pavarotti,Placido Domingo ,Jose Carreras(Three Tenors)
and more more more more more !!!!
Isn't it fantastic!!??
Well,i would like to introduce two melodies from the CDs ,


Placido Domingo,one of the world's Three Tenors, singing O Sole Mio(My Sun).What a dramatic vocal he possesses .The tempo of his version is slower.You can also watch Pavarotti 's version,Its more ''Sunny" ^^


One of my favourites.This is not an easy aria as one needs agility and range in order to hit high notes in a fast pace.Its a famous aria in Mozart's Magic Flute.^^This is Natalie Dessay 's version.

Please Enjoy !!!and Act fast!!!^ ^

All That You Do

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Gain is To Let Go

3 MAY 08 was the prize giving ceremony for SABSians who excelled in their SPM.

A clear holder from SABS ,enclosed with RM200 cash ,
a certificate from Yayasan Pahang and a certificate from SABS itself.

Hence, because of the $,almost none absent.^^

For sure,the so-called "BOTAKS "gang wont miss such event.
For the invitation stated that all beings that attend shall be in formal outfit,hence everyone was smartly dressed.Since it was a reunion too as most of the friends have been lost contact to each others after months of holidays


Meng Hong and Chan

Calvin , Chan and Changyi

Chan and JunJun

Chee Siang and Chan

Gabriel and Chan

After the ceremony,the gang headed towards the EAST COAST MALL,which is a new and biggest shopping complex in Kuantan.Well,a white elephant also.............
They had high expectation for scrumptious cuisine at first ,yet the mall let them down..=(
Hoping to spend the RM200 on a nice meal.....unfortunately ended up on

Erhem.........its from an outlet ,so-called "Golden Chicken" me,dont ever judge a meal by its appearance!!!

After a lousy meal,the gang went on loitering in the mall.
And one the members,Chan ,met one of his NS friend,
Such a coincidence.
Well,thats fate.

Later,as it was soooooo bored ,all were transfered to a coffee shop,named Coffee Street, which is a stone's throw away.(
Because the Starbucks in the mall is lousy also!)

See,Chan was enjoying his Tea O Limau

....Chee Siang suggested that the shop should be named
"Coffee Sweet " instead of "Coffee Street".The tea and coffee
was damn damn damn sweet as if their sugar is free.

Well,that was the end of a tiring day.tired yet meaningful for the gang.
It was a farewell gathering for JYO LYN ,KOK THONG ,JUN JUN and CHEE SIANG too......
For they are leaving for college and Matriculation.

Well,for those who are leaving us to further their studies or for my friends that are going to begin their tertiary education soon,i sincerely wish them all the best in their future.

In order to gain new experience ,one is to let go.............
Let go doesnt mean to forget them,but to bless them they have left a mark in our life,and it shall be a mark of
eternal friendship.........

unknowingly,we are actually gaining..................^^

Let this be our PRAYER as we go away.... la luce che tu hai.


Life Is About Choices