Saturday, April 26, 2008

Time To Say Goodbye

Yew Hong and Chan went for a movie last night.
The movie was interesting ,but it was more meaningful to Chan as the next day,YH will be leaving Kuantan to study at UCSI,KL. Hence,he was so lucky and thankful as he was able to accompany YH.

The movie started at 10.30pm and ended at 12.20am.That meant a few more hours later ,Chan would have to say goodbye to his best friend.
They went home together on JunJun 's car for the last time.Before Chan entered his residence,he gave YH a pat and wish him all the best in his future.Heavy-heartedly,Both of them said Goodbye and parted ways..........

*For Chan has known Yew Hong since Standard 3.Chan regards this friendship as a special
one,as YH is his first official friend and best friend.For this two young lads have
experienced something together which caused them to change from friends to enemies
and from enemies to friends again. For the conflicts,only they know it well,and it is never
been told to others.=P

Well,as time passes,Human are to learn to say Goodbye.As it is fate that bonds them together.When the fate comes to an end, they would have to leave each other as well.For they have no choice but to release and accept.

For Chan ,he always believes that it is a temporarily goodbye,as when fate comes again,they shall meet each other once more.

He says Goodbye to his NS Friends,as he knows they will surely meet again.
He says Goodbye to his schoolmates that are leaving Kuantan to study,as he knows the reunion will be coming soon .

For Chan knows,it is TIME TO SAY GOODBYE........and it is for a greater good.

May GOD bless them.....

By Sarah Brightman.The best of Sarah Brightman ,live in Vienna.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

No..Nay..Nope..=REJECTION !

After a tiring morning, Suzan,an insurance agent, went to a nearby food court to enjoy her lunch.

There are uncountable choices for Suzan as the food court is humongous.She decided to explore the place first.

"Hmm,let me start from here....."

"Oii. cik,nak ape?ada nasi lemak,nasi ayam,nasi beriani,nasi sayur,nasi ape pun ade...,nak ape?!marilah tengok!"
What an impertinence.
"erm...tak apa"Suzan walked away.She went to next one.

"Heeello!How can i serve you maam,Roti canai,Ok?"
"No thanks" It is too oily for her.

She walked to the third stall.
"Hei, leng lui, nei you mat ye a?char siew min ,ho mo?"
Suzan gave him a smile and walked away as fast as she could,since the man was enjoying his nose-digging session.yucks....

Suzan kept on her searching and also kept on rejecting.

"no thanks..""tak apa..""wu oi la.. lou ban...""xie xie ,bu yong le..."

Well,finally,she ordered something.
"Arghh,meeting clients again after this.o ,Please God ,may it be a successful contract for my next client.."

Suzan too,was afraid of being rejected by her clients.As an insurance agent,it is quite common to face rejection.But the main point is ,she has just rejected numerous hawkers.

People are afraid of rejection,yet they still do the same thing to others.
Strange eh?
Well,this is human nature.

On this earth,there wont be a single creature that likes rejection.NOBODY likes rejection.But it is a part of our life.We just have to face it and get use to it.It is pointless to sigh that you are unlucky and kept on blaming your luck.

At times,we are to accept something,and we arent given any choice.SOOOO, learn to accept as it might bring you unexpected return.

For instance......National Service.=P

Well,for those who faces rejection,there will always be another path for them,maybe SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW.......and that is HOPE.

Sung by Suzan Erens ,accompanied by André Rieu Orchestra.A golden classic from the movie,The Wizard of Oz.


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Always There!!!!!!!! ^ ^

I have 3 great news to share!!!!

Firstly ,it is about the Matriculation.
I would like to congratulate my best friends, Hisyam and Chee Siang for getting their way into Matriculation!!Yeah!!CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!Muaah!!!Love you guys!!!All the best to both of you!!God bless you all!!! ^^

Secondly,my another best friend,Yong Qian!!!!Hoooray!!!!She was awarded Taylors's World-class Scholarship!!!!!YEAH!!!CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!I am sooooooooo proud of her!!!!
Muaahh.!!!Love you!!!! ^^God bless you too!!

I am soooooo happy for them.Absolutely fantastic ,they are!!!You guys are great!!! I always know you all CAN DO IT!!!!!!Best wishes from me always !!

May God bless me with a bit of luck from you all,so that i can get my scholarships too!!!!huhu=P

HoHo,Hisyam,Chee Siang and Yong Qian!!! I will be always there for you guys!!!

LOVE you all!!!!



Tuesday, April 15, 2008

An Angel 's Kiss

"Dear me ...look at his face"
"oh my God,pity him"
"what on earth has happened to his face?!"

People were talking among themselves when this man passed by.
He,is a successful young man .He gives motivation talks all around the world.He enjoys being on the stage.He loves applause.He loves his crowd.He loves their support.He is a gifted young man ,full of potential.That is why ,now he is a successful motivator,giving hope to others just like his father always does.He is such a great guy.Well,except for one thing...........He possesses a "scar" on his face.

An ugly,horrendous,terrible and frightening "scar".It is as if a slash from his ear to his mouth.Its totally scary.

Yet,this young man isnt affected by this "scar".He is highly self -esteemed ,full of courage and filled with confidence,despite of the "scar".

Hence,one day,a friend of him was sooooo curious and puzzled,he asked this man:

"How do you actually deal with your scar?"

The man was shocked."Do you mean my birthmark?hoho"
"O you know what, i am totally proud of it!my father uses to tell me that i am so lucky to born with this "scar".Well,before i was borned,my dad prayed to God,he prayed so that the God will bestow him an extraordinary child."
And God really did it.God gave him a child with this birth mark on his face.His dad told him,

"Dear son,i am so proud of you.I thank God for offering me such a child,you are truly different from others.When i stepped into the room,i straight away recognised you as my child.Because of your birthmark.You know,my dear,this is a gift from God.Your birthmark is the kiss from an angel.It is a holy gift.You should appreciate it always!"

The young man told his friend.
"So why should i feel inferior as i am actually the luckiest guy on earth.When people see me,they have such a strange expression and keep on whispering.You know what, actually they are jealous of me.They didnt get the chance to be kissed by an angel."

Could you all feel the positive energy emanated from this young man and his father?

The father accepted the fate that his child was borned with an ugly birthmark.He understood that it will affect the boy's future if he do nothing.Hence since his son was a little boy,he kept on telling him that how proud he is of him.And the birthmark is actually a kiss from an angel.He wants his son to grow up in a proper way,just like other children do.He dont want his son to live under inferiority.

Because he knows,though the world might find it hard to accept his son,he,himself must not!

Encouragement plays a crucial role in our life.A few words might make a great difference.Why should we be so stingy and selfish?It is just a few words!

A few words from a friend give us a the push to keep on going.
A few words from our family provide us the energy to continue our journey of life.
A few words can give us a confirmation ,an answer that each and everyone of us are searching for.....and that is our spiritual comfort.

and this father understands...............

Oh My Dear Daddy

A soul relaxing classic.Sung by the Great soprano,La Divina Maria Callas.
It is my most favourite aria.She is truly a diva!O mio babbino caro!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Seasons of Life

Seasons Of Life


First Blood

Well,have any of you all donated blood before?

For your information,blood donation is a process of
The loss of blood in your body will increase the production of new blood cells which thus also enhances your body metabolism.While the blood donated might save life of others.It is a good practice actually.

For me
,i am eager to give out my first blood........yet in vain.
Lately,i tried again,and i failed for the second time.=(

Well,the first time was at a camp.I was sooooo spirited to donate my blood as i never tried before ,so i wanted to experience my first donation.And i was also given the green light by my parents.The day came.Oh God,so excited!I registered and then undergone a few processes of checkup.Only via the checkup,then i know that my blood type is B.Well,i can be considered as quite lucky,as some of my friends cant pass the checkup as some dont have enough haemoglobin or low in blood pressure.At last,hoho my turn.The medical worker looked through my form,"! sorry you cant donate......."Why????!!!

The answer wass i had a cough that day......ARGHH!!!I persuaded him to let me have a try.He answered in a very calm tone,"you know?it takes half an hour for the ambulance to arrive if there is anything happened on you"
So the unlucky poor boy went away in a dispirited mood.......

Actually ,i fulfilled ALL the criterion,o well except one....
1.i was a volunteer
2.i got the permission.
3.i have enough haemoglobin...normal in blood pressure.... exceeds 50kg ....etc..etc..etc...(in conclusion,i
am a healthy young lad)
Well, because of my cough that morning....well actually it was just a minor one....
I should have blamed myself for ticking the box(cough ..Yes...NO)
o,it was a safety measure after all.I dont want it to be my last blood instead of the first .

I am a boy that possesses moral courage.I will keep on trying though it is painful...
I went for the blood donation campaign by the Tzu Chi Buddhist Association during my second try.The incident was quite interesting...i brought my mum along as she wanted to donate too.
First step: Show your ic!(Ops ,mine was at home.)The voluntary worker was shocked,i could tell by
observing her countenance.Well,if you didnt bring your ic along,you will be jailed.Luckily the
other worker allowed me to pass the first step.
Second Step:Date of Birth!So i continued filling the form.

"Hey ,wait a minute,you arent 18 i m afraid that you cant continue with it ... bye then.." NOOOOOOOOOO!!!Again!!

I have already well prepared for it.And again I was disappointed.....=(

Only now,i know that being 18 will be so fun.

So,for those who have already fulfill all the criterion above..please kindly offer you blood to the needing ones.

The benefit of doing such a good deed is greater than you can imagine.
Your blood might continue the life of others .It is a great blessing to those who needs and also to those who offers.

So,ACT now !

# By the way,later the voluntary worker gave me a brochure.It is about
ORGAN DONATION. Dont worry, everyone can donate despite of their age.So interested in? ^^

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Climb Every Mountain and you will find your dream.

A wonderful and inspiring aria.Sung by the great soprano (Kiri Te Kanawa).This beautiful aria is from the classical movie ,"The Sound Of Music".The lyric is beautifully written.It is a great companion when you feel down.Please enjoy the angelic voice.


The Tales of Inner-self

Have you ever communicated with yourselves before?

"What the heck are you talking about?Communicate with myself ?!Are you dumb?"

Well,that is one of the responses that you will get if you ask that question.In fact,people rarely communicate with themselves.What i am saying here is, the communication of inner-self.When people less communicate with themselves,they almost do not know what they want actually.

I would like to share a true story with you all.......

There is this good-looking,tall,perfect body-shaped young lad.He possesses almost all the criterion that a model needs.A charming teenager ,he is.Furthermore he has a dream,a dream of becoming a model one day.
Yet unfortunately,he has a bad family background,a problematic family.And he is from a rural countryside.Hence the education he received is quite inadequate.He is a naive and innocent boy.And due to his problematic family,it trains him to become a better person ,one who is already used to difficulties and can overcome them easily.Because of such environment,he started to build up barriers between himself and others.He only trusts some of his friends,or actually not a fully trust.He was thrown to the cruel reality earlier than we are.He was exposed to numerous cases that showed him that humans are good for nothing.

Because of the above,he was moulded into a person who is lack of self-confidence and only believe in what he has seen.He dont believe in dreams anymore.To him,it is better to let the God decides his own future rather than himself.And now,he is working as a trainee under vehicles mechanical service....poor boy..

A friend of him said to him:"Please do not bow to the can become a great model!You must never forget your dream.Due to your situation now,you must concentrate on your work.BUT,never give up in searching for the chance to fulfill your dream.If that is your interest,then follow it.Or else you will never live in happiness.For true happiness comes only from self -satisfaction."
Lastly ,the boy replied:arghh! i dare not dream anymore.....let God decides.

What a sad yet true story!May God bless him,lead him to his rightful path!

Well,the message of the story is :
Though sometimes our dream or our interest is a contradiction with the reality,please and do communicate with yourselves,ask your inner-self :what i need actually?Well,for a human being,one will only be happy if one does what he/she is interested in.Though sometimes our dream is quite difficult to be achieved ,yet do believe in yourselves that there will always be a way and you must never give up.

Sometimes,it is better to listen to your inner-self than think scientifically or logically with your brain!Your inner-self is trying to say something to you but you refuse to listen.Actually the answer is always there in ourselves,just that we are too afraid to face it,too afraid to face ourselves.We dare not think of it because it is still an unknown to us.For human beings,it is better to stay where we are,as it is safer.Why should we try something new,which is an unknown to us? This is what most of the people think of,better to maintain what you have now than try something new which maybe does not promise any return.

Our life will only be wonderful if we know what we truly are,what we truly need!Face yourselves,dont be a coward.

Climb every mountain,
ford every stream,
follow every rainbow till you find your dream.

Follow your heart and find the way you will.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Amigos Para Siempre(Friends For Life)

The Theme song of the blog."Amigos Para Siempre" is a phrase in Spanish,means friends for life.It is my favourite song.Inspiring! and do take note of its lyric,which depicts the nature of a true friendship vividly and beautifully...... It is sung by by my favourite international singer,soprano(Sarah Brightman)and Tenor(Jose Carreras) during the closing ceremony of 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona.Please enjoy.....


Friday, April 4, 2008

The Art of Sharing

"Its only when you have prepared yourselves for others,then they will willing to share theirs.
To do this ,the key is SINCERITY........"

The art of sharing is actually quite simple but the problem is ,it is hard to be mastered.Simple in the way that you are practicing it everyday.For instance ,in school,the teacher is sharing their knowledge and passion.At home,parents are sharing their love with the kids and vice versa. And yet difficult to be mastered because not everyone is practicing it in a correct manner.

So,what is the correct way?To master it,we need to be sincere and overcome our insidious selfishness and jealousy. Why it is crucial to master this art?Well,simply because sharing is the practice of mutualism ,that is both parties benefit.

There is this story where a teenager attended a scholarship interview.This boy was quite confident as most of his best friend messaged him and said" YOU CAN DO IT".The day came and he entered the chamber (panel2) It was a challenge to him as this could affect his future.Well,thank God,he was given the discussion topic : Give me an incident where you have made a grave mistake,and what have you learnt from it?(its not a current issue topic)So the boy shared his experience,which is how he dealt with his mental conflict about his poor academic result due
to too engrossed in his debate activities and how he overcome it by working hard for SPM when he was form 5.Everything ended in a relaxing way.The boy enjoyed the process as he got to listen to others experiences too.So,actually it was more to a sharing session than an interview.That is what the boy concluded.
So,the art of sharing is depicted here.Everyone in the room was willing to share.Some even shared their childhood stories which is quite interesting and funny.Hence we can see the power of sharing,changing a tense atmosphere into a relaxing one.And everyone was cheerful as all got the chance to become a storyteller.

Well,there is another story,where a group of friends hold a gathering at a beach.That night ,they sat in a circle on the cool sand and enjoyed the land breeze.One of them,can be considered as the eldest there,start with a speech.
He said in a stern manner" My fellow younglings ,the purpose of gathering isnt just filling your stomach full,but it is a session where we share our feelings ,experiences and blessings."Hence ,the elder one started first.He shared his experience about how he had participated in a course preparing him to become an insurance agent.He conducted the session and most could feel his passion in the topic.BUT,there are those who didnt pay attention during the sharing session.When someone is so sincere in sharing,one should be all ears rather than not paying attention and talking among themselves. This is the time you show your sincerity as others already did !!well,he asked his fellow friends quite a number of question,for example:
#What is your future planning?(which is an important question that everyone should have an answer for it as they arent kids anymore after SPM)
#Have you ever thought of having a family and when would it be?
#when do you want to have your own house and and car?
#and Do you know what insurance you have bought ?(well,its a question from an insurance agent,but unfortunately not many can answer)
Then the others also shared theirs .....Overall,the sharing session was a success one and could be considered inspiring.Once again ,through sharing ,it caused the group of friends to ponder on some life related questions .Question that we must think of before is too late. Sharing provides us the chance to discuss a matter together,together can find a better solution.

Well,the third story is about a boy went to a camp.It was totally a new environment to him and he was alone.Then he met a friend,through out the camp,they become best best friend.Well,the reason they become bosom friend is because they always share their problems together.Through sharing ,they discuss lots of question regarding their lifes. It was a spiritual communication among them.Furthermore,they always support and encourage each other regardless any circumstances. When they face difficulties and conflicts,they share it .That is the way they find solution to their problems. The boy thank God for bestowing him a great friend.The sincerity of them in sharing leads them to eternal friendship.

Well,i guess thats all .Ops,dear me!!I have already shared so much. Well,all of it is from my inner heart,it is the prove of my sincerity.I would also like to welcome my fellow friends to my new blog.I welcome any comments and please point out my mistake if there are any.Thank you so much.

Last but not least,this blog practices the art of sharing ,and i am very sincere in meeting new acquaintance and do post comment so that i can do my best and keep on improving.


Pearl Harbour..Tennessee~an Elixir of Soul