Sunday, June 22, 2008

To the Zul ^^

The day before Ting Yee left Kuantan,he treated his dear friends to a zoo,sorry a zul.
They went to Kuantan well-known Satay Zul.
Those who came included,Chan,Jun Jun ,BoonHwee as well as Esdelyn.

The meal was educational.
For some just learnt that the compressed rice which is a side dishes
to the satay is called
NASI IMPIT in Malay.hahahaha
Though Chan accidentally dropped his nasi impit into his Tea O Limau,
everything was perfectly fine.^^


They tasted both Chicken and Lamb.(ayam dan kambing)^^
The chicken was ok ,but for the lamb......
The texture was so hard and elastic which as if you are struggling
with a living lamb to remove the meat from its stick.^^
Do imagine or try it yourselves at the Zul.

Thanks Ting Yee,and have a nice journey home.


by the delectable Julie Andrews.From My Fair Lady.
^^ May i ?

Life is a Siries of Choices

Chocolate Banana.

Chan and his most beloved teacher.

21 of June , the Idiots reunited once more to
to bless and cherish each other before the day comes for them to
bid each other goodbye.
For they had invited a special guest , their ex- Chinese teacher,and too, joined by a great friend from a faraway land,Ting Yee.
In conjunction with the gathering,they too,had an early birthday celebration for
one of their members,the respected Mr.Chan,ahli kehormat of Throwfacism.#

IDIOTS!!!(erm ,exclusive their teacher la)

Secret Recipe 's Chocolate Banana.

Though most was deceived by its appearance ,
thinking that it is a Chocolate Indulgence.^^
The Chocolate Banana was indeed most inviting.
The banana is soft that you wont feel like biting lumps and lumps of fruits. ^^
Blended so well with the cake ,creating a superb texture.

Hence,one shall not always judge a subject depending on one 's
experience for face it open-heartedly might bring you unexpected result. ^^

For example, those who doesn' t like banana might have a crush on it after you have tasted Chocolate Banana.Hahahaha........

^^Happy 18,dear Chan.
The Cake-cutting session was indeed a delightful one for the Idiots were there
for the momentous event.

CK and Chan .

A beautifully-wrapped gift from the gifted artist.
Given by CK to Chan.It turned out to be ...

Hohoho,Chan was indeed most delighted....
Thank you so much to dear CK.

A delicate pen given by Chan's Dearest teacher.
It means a lot to Chan,indeed it is.For it is most useful to him.
Thank you teacher!!!

Another gift from the Botak Gang.^^They are so thoughtful ,
gave Chan such a tonic,Cordy King Powder Pills.hahahaha.
But inside it, is.......

They presented Chan with garments.^^
Which indeed suits him well.Thank you to the Botak Gang

Alas,its time to say goodbye again.Sorry for those friends who cant join the gathering,
for Chan misses them a lot and really hope that they were there with him too.=(
And thanks again to their teacher,for Chan had a great time with him.
Thanks to Ting Yee too,for being around and patient as well,haha despite the food poisoning.^^


A duet from Andrea Brocelli and Sarah Brightman,Canto Della Terra.
An uplifting melody.Do enjoy..............................

Friday, June 13, 2008

Spread Light

Cheers!!^^PA PA PA Pageno

How adorable.^^.But poor thing,what upset you?
You should be like them.....

Cheers!!!What a lovely day.Let us embrace all the goodness of the day .
Cheers!!May we be blessed always.^^
Cheers!! May we always live in the present.

Ermm...sorry wrong example,
you should never start a day like him.....hehe.

Have a nice day!!!Let us be like them ,happy always
Pa pa pa pageno pa pa pagena

A duet from Mozart's" The Magic Flute".Papageno ,a bird catcher at long last reunites with his charming partner,Papagena and thus begin their merry-making.A very joyous duet indeed.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bouquet Of Consequences

The Echo Of life

Recently,i received an email from my friend,here by share with you all.....
A son and
his father were walking on the mountains. Suddenly, the son falls,
hurts himself and screams,'AAAhhhhhhhhhhh! !!'

To his surprise,
he hears the voice repeating, somewhere in the mountain:

he yells, 'Who are you?'

He receives the answer, 'Who are you?'

at the response, he screams, 'Coward!'

He receives the answer, 'Coward!'

He looks to his
father and asks, 'What's going on?'

The father smiles and says, 'My son, pay attention.'

then he screams to the mountain, 'I admire you!'

The voice answers, 'I admire you!'

the father screams, 'You are a champion!'

The voice answers, 'You are a champion!'

The boy is
surprised, but does not understand.Then the father explains: 'People
call this ECHO, but really this is LIFE. It gives you back everything you
say or do.

Our life is simply a reflection of our actions. If you want more love in the world,
create more love in your heart. If you want more competence in your team,
improve your competence. This relationship applies to everything,
in all aspects of life; life will give you back everything you have given to it.
Your life is not a coincidence. It's a reflection of you!'

Life is never a bed of roses,yet you have to keep on moving

for you are never alone.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Acts Of Life

2008 Tan Sri Lim Kok Wing National
Chinese Debate Competition.

Held in Lim Kok Wing Universities in Cyberjaya From 30May -1 June 2008.

The Championship Cup.I do not deny that my heart has greatly desired this.
Such a delicate thing.

The one who touches it and gaze upon the crystal ball shall
oneself studying in London.

Now now ,this is not a legend nor it is a myth,im not joking
for the Champion team would be awarded FULL scholarship
to study in Lim KokWing University which is located in London,England.

The interior design of the Hall,unique eh?
National flags from each country,just name it and you ll find it.
No doubt,Malaysian Flag,Stripes Of Glory is among them.
Could you find it or you cant even tell which one is it?

The best Speaker ranking board and comments board.
Something new this year for the tenth year anniversary.
Ranking of best speaker is something nice as it gives the speaker
a push to keep up with others.
Showing their standards and there s always spaces for improvement.

Comments board ,write something for the team you support .
Such remarks do have incredible power.
Indeed a pen is mightier than a sword.^^

aha...the best speaker ,he is from Kuantan Tanah Putih Secondary School.
only form 3 .Undoubtedly,This young lad is highly potential.
Won a full scholarship to London too.
Bless him.

Thats the first runner-up.Xun Ren High School.
I always love their uniform.
So special and so professional-like,and indeed they are a great team.
They won the Most Cooperative Team Award too.
I support them always.^^
Long live Xun Ren High School.

Champion ~Tanah Putih Secondary School.
The one in the green colored T-shirt is their couch.
A young lad and a great one indeed.
May God bless him always.

Taste of VICTORY
You are the product of what you have done in your past.
For they have put in their effort and they deserve it.
Nothing will drop from sky .
There is always a story behind a successful being.
and the similarities between them will always be
..........Determination, moral courage and hard work
Undoubtedly, those are the recipe to success.

Chee Siang ,Chan most beloved teacher and ,Chan^^

Thats why we should always live in the present and
make full use of every moment to ensure a better tomorrow.