Monday, July 28, 2008

My Orchard ^^

Thanks to Chan's dear roommate ,Zeeman and his family,
Chan was offered a place back to Kuantan.^^
Thank you so much!!
Home sweet home.................

Chan misses his family so much.^^
As Chan's brother 's birthday is approaching,
he celebrated the red-letter day earlier during his period home.

from Secret Recipe.^^
OMG,it was stupendous.
2 layers of Durians between 3 layers of Vanila cake. was indescribable .
The Durian texture is almost ice cream-liked,
semi-solid but melts instantly in your mouth, blended so well
with the cake ,creating a perfect combination.

By the way, the cake is seasonal,so don't miss it..^^

As we all know,Fruits is a MUST in a balance diet.
Students normally find it hard to buy fruits due to its prices,
ways of choosing,own laziness
and et cetera when they are away from home.

So ,what Chan enjoyed the most when he was home was certainly
stuffing himself with unlimited fruits as long as his stomach could take it.^^

Blueberries.....delicate and sweet-sourly taste.

....reddish orange ,totally juicy.

 in Vitamin C and Chan's favourite

Dragon Fruit..blood-red and full of micronutrients.

,hairy but sweet.

Langsat....Chan never liked it.........

Mangosteen ....Queen of Fruits.very nice indeed.

Pineapple...a mixture of sourness and sweetness.

^^Isn' t it wonderful to live in an orchard where you can taste
a variety of fruits.
And also to prevent constipation.^^
In conclusion ,Chan's Home= Orchard.

Nothing is better than be with your family
in your sweet cozy home.

For its the strongest bulwark against
everything,as well as a place for you to rejuvenate
before facing the next challenge.

Though they are away from you ,yet you know they
will always be there if you ever need them.

Love you all !!! Muaxx

Naturaleza Muerta,a soul-relaxing classics.
by soprano,Sarah Brightman.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


One of the happiest things in life is meeting your best friend.^^

Yew Hong a.k.a. A Bak Te came to One U(But some say OU) today.
Calvin and Chan met him at MPH bookstore and and off they went to have lunch at
Wong Kok Char Chan Teng(note.this is not a direct translation,
e.g Buddha Jump Over The Wall,but the restaurant's genuine name) ^^

YH was accompanied by two of his friends,namely,Christine and Fuk Seng.
(if im not mistaken)

Chan ordered a bowl of Winter Melon Soup Rice,
something that resembles broth.

Calvin's meal.According to him ,he hasn't eaten PORK for a whole week,thus
he ordered a bowl of rice which have some Char Siew-like pork.

Black Pepper Beef Chop for YH.

At Long last,YH received his mysterious gift from Chan before they parted .
Thats Chan FIRST appointment.

En route home,Chan bought bananas,you know,fibre is very important ,
and a banana is equal to a bowl of rice.
Suitable for both dinner as well as lunch.^^

Chan also bought sugar crackers ,which do best for high tea and breakfast.

Later in the afternoon,Chan was visited by his Aunt and Uncle from Subang.
They bought Chan .........

Tostem,with apricot and raisin,it shall be Chan's breakfast till Thursday.

Ribena,It provides Chan with the Vitamin C.^^

Nesvita,cereal drinks,a must for breakfast.

Thank you so much!!!!!!I really appreciate it.
When it was high time for high tea,they went to Secret Recipe at Centrepoint .
Hence,it was time for cheese cake!!!!
Thats Chan SECOND appointment.

As shadow falls,around six.Chan 's the other uncle and aunt
(Chan does have quite a number of relatives in KL^^)
fetched Chan for dinner.
They went to Bandar Manjalara ,at Kepong.
They treated themselves with steamboat till bloated.^^

Well,Chinese superstitions state that if u sleep when you are hungry
(e ,in Chinese),
you will suffer from nightmares (e meng,in Chinese) ^^

Well,they also provided Chan .....

Apples and oranges,(ignore the bananas).

3 in 1 Milo packet drinks..for breakfast.

Chocolate Swiss Roll.^^it shall be Chan 's next day breakfast.^^
or maybe lunch.

Thanks again to them.^^Chan really enjoyed it.
Thats the LAST appointment for the day.

By the way,last week,Chan 's the other uncle visited Chan at his residence.
He brought some souvenirs for Chan too........

Goats Milk Shampoo ,which enriched with pomegranate extract.

and a 3KG Fab Perfect.

We are always surrounded by people who willing to
lend us a hand
when we need them.
We might not know them ,yet they are there for us.
Hence everyday is a nice day and it will only be a nice day
when a person has LOVE within him,for


By the diva,Sarah Brightman.


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Try Till You Win.

To my dearest friends and family,

Chan is doing perfectly well in his college life.
living in a 3 storeys residence that cost almost a 1 million,
well protected by security guards,
a stone's throw away to college as well as to the shopping mall,One U,
inclusive transportation to college,
everything well-equipped and enjoy 3 meals a day.

So ,fret not.Chan is living a hectic yet challenging life.
Besides,the lecturers and friends Chan met there are very helpful and affable.
Hence,no worries.

To Chan 's friends,
Believe in yourselves always.
and do take care.